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*Please only purchase from here if you have wedding invitation order with us that you’d like to add wax seals to. Or get in touch for a separate order.*

Wax seals give a beautiful finishing touch to any project. These do not contain plastic and are made from natural waxes, making them biodegradable! The quality is stunning.

You can add these to your invitation order in the following three ways:

  1. As sticks to use with a low heat gun yourself at home (see instructions and quantity details below).
  2. As finished wax seals fitted with double-sided circles to seal your own envelopes or use on other stationery.
  3. Fixed and finished on your final wedding invitations, the total job completed by us.


This colour is a vintage gold colour. It makes a beautiful contrast against dark or white envelopes.

The prices for each finish are reflected here.

Option 1 will come in boxes of 4 sticks, each stick 135mm long and 11mm diameter. You can order the quantity you need by calculating accordingly:

  • Stamps with diameter 25mm – 10-14 seals per stick
  • Stamps with diameter 30mm – 8/12 seals per stick

The quantity of seals you can make per stick also depends largely on the amount of wax you squeeze out for each one. It is highly recommended that you use a wax gun with a low heat. Using a regular glue gun without heat-control could lead to the wax burning, or bubbles appearing in the seal. If you’re unsure you can buy a low-temperature wax gun here or you can also melt down these sticks to use with a traditional metal spoon for making seals.

Option 2 will come as a package of loose wax seals, prepared for you to stick on to your stationery. You will simply peel off the little tab from the sticker and stick where you’d like. They will have the design outlined to us at the time of discussing your wedding invitations.

Option 3 is where your wedding invitations will arrive to you as a completed set ready to give to your wedding guests. The wax seals will be done directly on your stationery (without adding an adhesive sticker) meaning they will act as flexible wax seals do when opened, with a little ‘clack’ sound and will stay intact.

If you don’t have a stamp for using with your wax and are choosing not to make a personalised one, we have a small range of simple botanical motifs we can use for your invitations. The leaf seals you see in the close-up photos above is one example. If you’d like to make your own personalised stamp (with initials or a wedding logo for example) for use with hot wax, see here.

All colours available! Any questions, just ask!

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Option 1 – DIY Sticks, Option 2 – Loose Wax Seals, Option 3 – Finished on stationery


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