Diseño de mood boards y branding de empresas

BlancoCanvas is a small, family-run business specialising in graphic design and event stationery as well as other paper goods. We are based in Santa Cruz de Tenerife in the Canary Islands but we ship worldwide.

We have strong beliefs about looking after the world we live in and so everything is done and made in the most sustainable way possible. Read below for more information on the papers we use and our business practices. 

We are astounded at how over the last five years BC has grown, allowing us to bring you even greater products and collaborate with other amazing artists and this is all down to you, our customers, for whom we are eternally grateful. Thank you.




I’m Rebecca, the owner and main creator here. Any enquires come directly to me. I’m from Northern Ireland and I started playing with graphic design when I worked in a sign company there over 7 years ago. Through the years I discovered my love of designing things on a computer and making final products with my hands. 


Lara is responsible for all the beautiful calligraphy (such as on our custom-addressed envelopes) and other hand-drawn items here. She has honed her talent over the last few years and we love working together on new ideas and projects as a lot of our ideas over-cross.

She has her own wonderful small business that you can check out here:



Part of being a sustainable business is supporting the other local businesses around you and avoiding larger corporate companies. We are pleased to collaborate with a few of these other small businesses to bring you really great products. We print all our event stationery and paper products with TenColor Digital in San Cristóbal de La Laguna. You can check out their page here: www.tencolordigital.com

We are also pleased to work directly with Verónica from NadaPersonal to bring you beautiful notebook covers. Her skill with sewing and working with fabric and leather are unmatched. Please check out her website here: www.nadapersonal.site

If you are someone who has skills to offer and you have an idea for collaborating with us please don’t hesitate to get in touch below!


We as humans have had a responsibility to care for the earth since the beginning of time. The overuse of fossil fuels and plastics along with other bad practices means we are polluting it and making future life here uncertain.

Our response to this as a business has taken various forms

  • Our first choice of paper for printing on is 100% recycled. This paper is less white than normal paper because it has not been bleached. It weighs 300g and is especially beautiful because of its natural tone and smooth poros surface for printing on. Almost the pictures you see on our website are of recycled paper products.
  • Our main choice of envelopes are also 100% recycled. These are the brown kraft envelopes which have been popular in recent days. Other colours, including recycled white are available to order in.
  • We do not use plastic packaging in any form unless it is itself recycled. Packages of envelopes sometimes arrive to us with bubble wrap (although we are minimising this too) and so we reuse that bubble wrap for our own parcels.
  • We try as much as possible to buy our resources from local businesses in the Canary Islands, avoiding increasing our carbon footprint through ordering from overseas.