We pride ourselves in walking through this process with you and making it as easy and enjoyable as possible. Here we share some helpful outlines so you can know what to expect at every stage.

Wedding invitation process


  • Samples are available to order from all invitation listings although we may not have exactly that invitation to hand. Samples are more for seeing the quality of print and paper and they are not personalised.
  • Remember that the quantity of invitations that you need is not equal to the amount of guests you have as usually members of the same family or household will share an invitation.
  • Regardless of the previous point we still recommend ordering at least 5 extra invitations in case some guests can’t attend and you’d like to invite others.
  • Sometimes if we see that the RSVP date is too close to the current date we might ask you if it’s possible to move it forward to give us more time (see general time-scales below)
  • As it is your responsibility to make sure the final proof is perfect for printing, if your invitations have been printed with a mistake and you’d like to reprint them, you have to pay the cost of reprinting.
  • We do have other paper choices to print on apart from our recycled paper. Please ask if you are interested in seeing these.


Time scale for wedding invitations

In general, when the design is straightforward and no other extra items (such as wax seals or different envelopes) need to be ordered in you can expect to have your invitations in around 6 weeks.